Hot Tops are rigid Ceramic Fiber shapes made from blend High Alumina CeramicFibers and high temperature high purity wools working temperature1650 DegreeCelsius. The Ceramic Fiber Hot tops are manufactured over a wide range of chemistry,
densities, hardness, strengths, sizes, shapes & thicknesses for use in applicationconditions.

These Hot tops are used as insulation to reduce solidification of ingot in metal casting operation, These hot tops helps to lower shrinkage of metal during castingthe steel quality and ingot surface finshing are improved , as well as piping will reduce & casting yield increase and reduce the Non Metallic Inclusions in ingotsCustomer advantages :

Improve yield
Reduce the shrinkage
Reduce the piping
Improve the surface finishing of ingot
Easy to install
No requirement of preheating or drying

Typical Chemical Analysis
Al2O3 + Sio2 83-98%, ZrO2 0-14% TiO2, Fe2O3 & Others 2 % ( Maximum)
Loss on Ignition – 4-6 %

Physical Properties
Classification Temperature (Degree celsius) 1650
Density 350 to 400 Kg/m3